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I have an input string like "hello, dflk 1234 12345678, wod-=0, 87654321" and I would like to get a list of all "words", which do not correspond to regular expression pattern "\d{8}" (eight digits in a row).

I studied java.util.regex api doc, however I was unable to find a way to put together negation of regular expression "\d{8}". Here's the way I would like to use it:

String input = "hello, dflk 1234 12345678, wod-=0, 87654321";
List<String> hitList = new ArrayList<>();
Pattern p = Pattern.compile(...?...); //<- how to define the regex pattern?
Matcher m = p.matcher(input);
while(m.find()) {

I'd like to have all of these in my hitList (based on the input string above):

"hello,"  "dflk"  "1234"  ","  "wod-=0,"

Can you suggest a way to define that regex pattern?

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One way (that's probably the easiest) is to filter the resulting list of matches.

Another would be a negative lookahead and a few more lookarounds:


Pretty is different, I think.

Quick PowerShell test:

PS Home:\> [regex]::Matches('hello, dflk 1234 12345678, wod-=0, 87654321', '(?<=^|\s|\d{8})(?!\d{8})\S+(?=$|\s|\d{8})')|
select -exp Value
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This may be the regex you're looking for (remember that you need to escape the \ when putting it in a string):

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I have used replaced your source string where the pattern is found with empty string and then used String split function to get all strings other than the pattern

String test = "hello, dflk 1234 12345678, wod-=0, 87654321";
            test = test.replaceAll("\\d{8}", "");
            String result[] = test.split("\\ ");
            for (String value : result) {

I have tested the above solution.
Hope this helps you.

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