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I was able to compile libdwarf and libelf sucessfully with some warnings. I also successfully compiled the simplereader demo application but, failed to process the elf file. It always fail at:

void* _elf_read(Elf *elf, void *buffer, size_t off, size_t len)

in input.c under the libelf library.

I am using the latest 2012 libdwarf source code and the libelf from

Any advise how I can fix it? If any who have done this port and is willing to share his/her work, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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I have solved the problem. The problem is not in with the Libelf but in the application simplereader. This application opens the file for read only whereas the libelf expects the file to be opened in binary. By adding "| _O_BINARY" everything goes well.

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