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I am using impress.js extensively to create a lot of HTML5 presentations. These presentations need to be displayed on touch-screen kiosks. Unfortunately, the vendor handling the kiosks has said that only Flash content can be displayed on these kiosks.

Is there a work-around for this (changing vendor is ruled out, as they control most kiosks here)? How do I convert HTML5 to Flash, without losing the effects my presentations have?

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As far as I know the only way is to port it (rewrite application into Flash).

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It is possible to render HTML5 <canvas> animation to a video file (h264, WMV, pick your favorite) on server-side. Legacy browsers can playback then this video.

We have developed proprietary technology to address this need.

See the old question

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if u know php then using following documentation u can convert .jpg, .pdf etc files to .swf

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an answer should hold more then just, see this link for solve your issue. As it stands now your answer should be a comment. If you can explain how to solve it in your answer and reference to the link it will be fine. – DragonSamu Sep 29 at 7:33

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