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For example, I have a text like this:

This is my String

I would like to grab TS, I would like to grab the upper case only.

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"Grap"? Do you mean grab? grep? grip? get? filter? – Lennart Regebro Aug 21 '12 at 8:37
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You can use the str.isupper predicate method in conjunction with filter in order to filter out the uppercase characters.

If you want the result to be a string, not a sequence, join it with ''.join.

>>> print(''.join(filter(str.isupper, "This is my String")))
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Not sure if you want to grab this in a way that allows for keeping each letter in a list, tuple, etc. But here is a way to do so using a list expression:

    import string
    >>> [c for c in "This is my String" if c in string.ascii_uppercase]
    ['T', 'S']

Also, maybe you would like to store the upper case characters in different ways, or immediately do things with them. A for loop can work well for this, such as:

    for c in 'This is my String':
        if c in string.ascii_uppercase: print(c) # Or do something else.
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Or, to build on KOS's post, if you don't mind a list,

>>> s = 'This is a test String'
>>> print(list(filter(str.isupper, s)))
['T', 'S']
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