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I need to know the code for taskbar right click application context menu for windows vista and higher in C#. For older versions of windows this code is 0x313. In vista and higher this code means shift + right click. I can't find the code for right click only in application context menu in taskbar.

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What you are looking for is Associating a Context Menu with a Windows Forms NotifyIcon Component

The Windows Forms NotifyIcon component displays an icon in the status notification area of the taskbar. Commonly, applications allow you to right-click this icon to send commands to the application it represents. By associating a ContextMenu component with the NotifyIcon component, you can add this functionality to your applications.

public NotifyIcon notifyIcon1 = new NotifyIcon();
public ContextMenu contextMenu1 = new ContextMenu();

public void createIconMenuStructure()
   // Add menu items to context menu.
   contextMenu1.MenuItems.Add("&Open Application");
   contextMenu1.MenuItems.Add("S&uspend Application");

   // Set properties of NotifyIcon component.
   notifyIcon1.Visible = true;
   notifyIcon1.Icon = new System.Drawing.Icon
      + @"\Icon.ico");
   notifyIcon1.Text = "Right-click me!";
   notifyIcon1.ContextMenu = contextMenu1;
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I already have menu when right clicking on tray icon. Now I need to duplicate it for a button in taskbar. Different things. – Sergey Shafiev Aug 21 '12 at 8:25

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