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I can add a new virtual network in management portal.

But how can I do it programmatically?

The api here confused me, I can only set the configuration of all VNets? It's strange.

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Yes, currently the only operations supported through the REST API for Virtual Networks are:

  1. Get Network Configuration
  2. List Virtual Network Sites
  3. Set Network Configuration

You might try Azure Powershell, as it has many options for controlling Virtual Networks

Its also rather simple to setup Azure Powershell, and to run Powershell in your c# project.

Hopefully, these commands will be added to the REST api in future versions.

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Is there any REST API which can be helpful for creating new Virtual Network on Azure? Also "controlling Virtual Networks" link (msdn.microsoft.com/library/azure/jj863582.aspx) is not working now.. –  Sac Jan 3 at 12:15

you can

using powershell and create funtion

SetAzureVNetConfig(string filepath)

List commands = new List();

            commands.Add(string.Format("Set-AzureVNetConfig -ConfigurationPath \"{0}\"", FilePath));

            PowershellEventArgs e = ps_.RunComands(commands);
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