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After many problems with "CLASS NOT FOUND" problems in OSGi working with JPA persistence & Eclipse link, I found some article introducing PAX JDBC driver adapter.

Does anybody has some experience with this ?

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Pax JDBC should be fairly straightforward to use. Just check out the docs.

In combination with Eclipselink, you should probably stay clear of the Eclipselink OSGi adapter which has an unnecessary dependency on Eclipse Gemini DBAccess, at least last time I looked at it.

Pax JPA is an incubating project which provides OSGi Enterprise compliant adapters for Eclipselink and OpenJPA.

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I found problem in mysql.jdbc bundle which had no class path defined to JDBC class driver (My mistake, I probably overseen this)... I also checked PAX JPA and I think PAX JPA is not necessary now after I changed MYSQL JDBC bundle and Buddy Policy of OSGi bundles. I want to keep it simple: Equinox + Eclipselink JPA+JDBC driver.... I solved all issues now. and everythings works fine. –  To Kra Oct 12 '12 at 15:29

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