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What libraries are out there to perform searches in AWS' CloudSearch domains? The AWS SDK is virtually devoid of search capabilities.

I would like to use Amazon CloudSearch for a project to search in pre-existing databases for certain customer-related data for billing purposes.

We already have extensive experience with Solr-based search services, but in this particular instance we do not want to host the search service in-house and already have experience with AWS.

The Amazon SDK provides a decent .NET-based approach to administer search domains. But: Apparrently it lacks any capability whatsoever to actually search for things.

I have found a few attempts to provide a search API, but nothing that works OOTB. Any suggestions or experience with CloudSearch from within .NET?

(Yes, I know it is easy to just chug parameters in a web service call and deal with the JSON reply; a wrapper / library just would deal better with the messy details of parsing etc.)

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Supposedly the AWS .NET SDK includes support for CloudSearch now:

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The .NET SDK got support for the 2013-01-01 library in 2.0.13. See – Matty Bear Oct 29 '14 at 6:02

I wrote a library in C# on github, you can use.

It's "just" a wrapper, but part of the challenge was to match the JSON to the object you are working with (generic). Because Amazon cloud search is always working with array of string or array of uint but I still wanted my library to match the object properties whever it is an array or not.

It wasn't as easy as expected I share my work so more of us can play with Amazon Cloud Search.

Martin Magakian

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Great work martin, love the library, saved me heaps of time. – mattdlong Sep 4 '12 at 4:11
Just a comment from the future, if you're using the 2013-01-01 version of CloudSearch this library didn't have support at this point in time – Matty Bear Oct 29 '14 at 5:55

Like @martin-magakian's Amazing-Cloud-Search library for v1 (which works great, by the way), you could use the Comb wrapper for v2:

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