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I am developing one app in which i have make sqlite there are one table with 3 Field

  • 1._id
  • 2.Appname
  • 3.Rating

For this I need to set Data in Last Field(Rating) with condition where _id = 1 like this... but from Post I found that Sqlite not allow where clauses so how can I do this?

INSERT INTO Packageinformation(appRating)VALUES (3) where _id=1; 

can you please help me out this.

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You have to use update, not insert.

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Perhaps that's what you need:

UPDATE Packageinformation SET appRating = 3 WHERE _id = 1;
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INSERT INTO inserts data into the database, a WHERE clause is only used for SELECT, which is reading rows.

INSERT INTO with a WHERE clause is nonsense.

If you want to update a row, use UPDATE (see documentation for details).

You could also use REPLACE INTO, but be careful because it might set all other fields to their default values.

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I need to insert only ..... so can you please make query for me – Nikunj Patel Aug 21 '12 at 9:29
No. Read the SQL docs. INSERT will ADD a record to your database, UPDATE will MODIFY a record. Using WHERE, you can define which record to modify. – Bart Friederichs Aug 21 '12 at 9:34

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