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I have a document called login_info. It has two fields:

  • name
  • password
  • Location

Location is an embedded document with two fields:

  • datetime
  • city

There are datas in the embedded document and i want to delete a row from it. for eg: i have to delete all the rows with location "Canada". How can i do this in mongo engine ? any help

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There is no row in MongoDB. What do you want to delete ? The full document which contain location.location = 'canada' ? Only the subdocument ? BTW you shouldnt have a field with the same name in a document and in a subdocument, that's best way to have a bug ;) – AlphaB Aug 21 '12 at 9:38
yeah i just want to delete the subdocument only. yeah I will change the name 'location' to 'city'. – Pravitha V Aug 21 '12 at 9:47

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Try this

db.login_info.update({}, {$pull:{location:{city:"Canada"}}})

Ok try this instead

db.login_info.update( { "" : { $exists : true } }, { $unset : { "" : "Canada" } }, false, true);

This will remove all "rows" where city is "Canada".

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if you need to modify more than one document, add the "multi" modifier. – AlphaB Aug 21 '12 at 10:22
hey jamjam its not working – Pravitha V Aug 21 '12 at 10:36
the $ sign in both the codes are showing error. its showing lexical error. – Pravitha V Aug 21 '12 at 11:07
This works fine on mongo shell. The error you are getting is to with the language you are using, not mongo. – jamjam Aug 21 '12 at 11:12
i am using cherrypy – Pravitha V Aug 21 '12 at 11:21

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