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I have two custom components:

CustomUIComponent extends UIComponentBase
CustomChildUIComponent extends UIComponentBase

In CustomUIComponent I implement encodeBegin, encodeChildren and encodeEnd - in encodeChildren I set some custom attribute to be forwarded to the child component.

In CustomChildUIComponent I implement only encodeBegin.

In addition to these classes I added the components in the faces-config.xml:


And I have the custom taglib.xml configured in the web.xml and contains:



Finally in my Facelets page I am trying to execute:

<myns:customMessage message="Hello World!!!" var="mytestvar">
    <myns:customChildMessage partnermsg="#{mytestvar}" />

The result is that the parent is rendered but the child component does not.

Am I doing something wrong? Please, your kind assistance is urgently needed.

I tried checking the super.encodeChildren but it checks:

Renderer renderer = getRenderer(context);
if(renderer != null) ...

I am not using a renderer class, but as I understand it is not a must.

Thank you for your help.

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The encodeChildren() method of your custom component will only be called if the getRendersChildren() method of the very same custom component returns true. This is specified in the javadoc:

This method will only be called if the rendersChildren property is true.

So make sure that you've overridden that accordingly, it namely defaults to false:

public boolean getRendersChildren() {
    return true;
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Hi,Thank you for the reply and sorry for late response :) I do have this overridden method in the code,but it still doesn't work... –  Jessica Cowen Sep 23 '12 at 16:06

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