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I'm creating a simple script for backing up and I want to check if a directory exists in a given path like so:


if mydir exists in my $fullPath

    then back it up
    else give error

My question is how do I formulate the if statement to check if the last directory exists in the $fullPath variable? Just to clarify, for this case it would be mydir if I used /usr/local it would be local etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Duplicate question? How to check if a directory exists in a shell script

if [ -d "$DIRECTORY" ]; then
    # Control will enter here if $DIRECTORY exists.

The $DIRECTORY is the pathname

For your case, you can just do:

if [ -d "$fullPath" ]; then
    then back it up
    else give error
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Thank you sir, and sorry if it's duplicate I looked for 30min and couldn't find an answer. –  Mantas Aug 21 '12 at 9:56
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