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I was working with Oracle R12 application.Can anybody suggest some queries to identify the Profile names and Profile values related to a particular product/item selected??

I tried using

FROM fnd_profile_options_vl po,
fnd_profile_option_values pov,
fnd_user usr,
fnd_application app,
fnd_responsibility rsp,
fnd_nodes svr,
hr_operating_units org
WHERE 1 = 1
AND pov.application_id = po.application_id
AND pov.profile_option_id = po.profile_option_id
AND usr.user_id(+) = pov.level_value
AND rsp.application_id(+) = pov.level_value_application_id
AND rsp.responsibility_id(+) = pov.level_value
AND app.application_id(+) = pov.level_value
AND svr.node_id(+) = pov.level_value
AND org.organization_id(+) = pov.level_value

It will return all profile values. But how can I identify the profile value of an item/product I selected.

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check my post:

1.    List E-Business Suite Profile Option Values For All Levels
2.    How to Search all of the Profile Options for a Specific Value
3.    How To Find All Users With A Particular Profile Option Set 
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Do you mean the profile of actual Oracle product itself, or are you querying these values from an actual table from your implementation? If it is a particular implementation, could you state what columns you are working with?

Please verify.

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I was trying to join these tables.FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS , FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS_TL,FND_PROFILE_OPTION_VALUES. But how can I relate this with a product/item?I just need the profile values for any item i selected. – e p Aug 21 '12 at 11:03
Please see the edited question. First I used that query. – e p Aug 21 '12 at 11:05
Is there any connection between products/items with profile options?? – e p Aug 22 '12 at 3:58

Profile Options have several things to search on: - the level (site, responsibility, ...) - their technical name (ABCDEFGH) - their user name (setting for ...)

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