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I have a DataGridView with data loaded from a database. Each row has a 'View' button and when I click on it another form is opened with specific information but the main form with the DataGridView is still opened. I do this with this code:

FormView fr = new FormView(id);

The problem is that I can't open several FormViews at the same time because the focus is still in the first FormView opened. How can I do this?

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when you use ShowDialog on a form it shows and waits for a response of type DialogeResult, but when you just need to show a form and no response is needed you can simply call form.Show()
here is the code :

When you want a result:

Form f = new Form(); 
DialogResult res = f.ShowDialog();  

//code stops here until you return something of type DialogResult

if (res == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK)  
do something;  

when you only want to show the form:

//then code keeps running  
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ShowDialog opens a modal form which means that the ShowDialog method won't return until the user has closed the form.

Use fr.Show method instead.

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You need to do:

FormView fr = new FormView(id);  

to show them non modally so execution can continue and allow you to show more.

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You can change this



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