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I have 3 MySQL tables: cars, users and visitors.

Table cars can be related to table users or table visitors. Tables users and visitors have different table structures. I would like to join all these tables and retrieve person data. Currently I'm using PHP to retrieve person data.

Is this the best table structure for creating these kind of relationships and is there a way to retrieve person information using a single MySQL query?

id | car_name | person_type | person_id
1  | car 1    | user        | 1
2  | car 2    | visitor     | 1

id | name
1  | person 1

id | first_name | last_name
1  | person     | 2
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You could use an outer join like this:

    b.name as username,
    c.name as visotorName
    cars a
        left outer join users b
            on a.person_id=b.ID
        left outer join visitors c
            on a.person_id=c.ID

I wrote a rather detailed answer on a very similar question you might want to have a quick read of as well. It shows some other functions you can use to nicely format the data in the way you want in terms of number of rows returned - and what is returned per row.

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There are several options available. One is mentioned in the post. A select would be like this:

select * from
   cars a
   left join users u on (a.person_type='user' and a.person_id=u.id)
   left join visitors v on (a.person_type='visitor' and a.person_id=v.id)

Another option is instead of person_type and person_id simply have both user_id and visitor_id. Both are nullable, and you can even put a strong foreign keys on them. The select is quite similar:

select * from
   cars a
   left join users u on (a.user_id=u.id)
   left join visitors v on (a.visitor_id=v.id)

Last but not least, perhaps you can merge the users and visitors table into a single table?

  ID | car_name |  person_id
   1 | car 1    | 1
   2 | car 2    | 2

  ID | type    | name
   1 | user    | person 1
   2 | visitor | person 2

The select then becomes super simple:

select * from cars c join persons p on (c.person_id=p.id)
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