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In an app I'm developing, I need to layout 2 to 5 buttons as if on the edge of a circle. The app starts with 5 buttons, but buttons gradually disappear (based on user input) until there are 2 of them.

I thought I would use an AbsoluteLayout control, and set the position of each button in code (taking into account the screen size). However, it says more or less everywhere that AbsoluteLayout should not be used. Since I'm targeting this app to Android 2.2 and up, I can't use the fancier layouts introduced with ICS.

I know I can use a RelativeLayout and play with the margins, but this seems less intuitive, and just as error prone, as using AbsoluteLayout.

Do I have any reasonable alternative?

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I think, you dont have many alternatives. Except relative layout you mentioned, you could of course use FrameLayout and set left and bottom margin to position your buttons correctly.

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This, again, seems very similar to the AbsoluteLayout, except being more sneaky. –  zmbq Aug 21 '12 at 11:12

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