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We have bought a KOVIO 2K NFC tags, alongwith that we got Farpointe Data reader. We are able to read write these tags using Nexus. However, we are building an API where we want to write to these tags through Server code without any mobile phone API. Is there any Java API which supports writing to NFC tags?

Is there any software/SDK to read the data using Farpointe Data Reader?

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Kovio 2K NFC tags can be configured as NFC Forum Type 2 Tags. There is a Java ME API that supports NFC Forum tags: JSR 257. (I wonder how relevant this API still is, though, see also the answers to this question: Java NFC (JSR 257).) I am not familiar with the Farpointe Data Reader, unfortunately.

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Thank you for your reply. Do you know if we can use contactless communication API(J2ME) in normal Java code – RickDavis Aug 22 '12 at 5:18
I am not a Java expert. So far, I have seen JSR 257 only on some older NFC mobile phones (mostly Nokia). – NFC guy Aug 22 '12 at 10:16

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