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I am trying to loop through multiple lists on a page and depending on the number of items per list, I want to get the height of the each li and set the max height (for 5 items) and set a scrollbar.

I have the following script that goes through each list found and returns the length correctly but I cannot get the height of each li. Thanks for any help.


        $(".list-item").each(function () {

            var sum = 0;

            var getLength = $(this).children().children().children('ol li').length;
            //Get length of list items and add scroll bar if more than 5
            if (getLength > 5) {

                $('.maxLength ol li:lt(5)').each(function () {
                    sum += $(this).height();

                $('.maxLength ol').css({ maxHeight: sum + 'px', overflow: 'auto' });
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Instead of counting children and set height, You can wrap your list in div and add the following css

 max-height:125px(your choice);//The height that 5 li elemtns occupies
div li{
 line-height:25px(your choice);



I hope this would solve your problem...

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Thanks Rama :) Sadly as there will be multiple lists on an individual page, with the chance of different line heights, I need to loop through and get the heights sadly. –  Andross Aug 21 '12 at 13:08

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