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I'm having a problem with starting an AVD from Eclipse. When I start the AVD that I just created, it gives me the following error:

enter image description here

I think that is because of the username in the path...

I tried to just copy the .android to C:\ (=C:\.android) but the manager is just searching in the old path...

I tried to setup a environement variable like this:

Name: ANDROID_SDK_HOME Value: C:\Users\André Peixoto\.android\.android

But it didn't solve the problem...

What should I try next?


I reinstalled the android sdk and now it doesn't show the weird characters:

enter image description here

But the path for the AVD_2_3_3.ini file still wrong. I think it should be: C:\Users\André Peixoto\.android\avd\AVD_2_3_3.ini instead of C:\Users\André Peixoto\.android\.android\.android/avd/AVD_2_3_3.ini

How should I change that?

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did you put your android sdk under "C:\Users\André Peixoto\.android\.android" ?? –  rajpara Aug 21 '12 at 11:13
No, the android sdk is under: C:\androidSDK. –  amp Aug 21 '12 at 11:18
code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=19084 check out –  rajpara Aug 21 '12 at 11:22
@rajpara, Thanks for the link. I tried the solution in Comment 26 but the avd manager still searching the config.ini file in the same/older pathth, instead of the new one. How can I change this behavior? –  amp Aug 21 '12 at 16:52

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I solved that using the solution presented on the comment 26 from here:

No matter your configuration. If the message will be like this "[2011-11-21 22:31:24 - Emulator] PANIC: Could not open AVD config file: C:\Users\Ярослав.android\avd\my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.avd/config.ini"

( "C:\Users\Ярослав.android\avd\my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.avd" - it's your AVD device configuration. )

than :

  1. copy direcoty "my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.avd" to some place where the path will not contain "Ярослав" symbols (I in result had the path like this "d:\android\my_avd_devices\avd\my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.avd").

  2. File "my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.ini" will contained in directory "C:\Users\Ярослав.android\avd\". Open this file.

  3. Change "path=C:\Users\Ярослав.android\avd\my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.avd" to "path=d:\android\my_avd_devices\avd\my_defult_android_2_3_3_avd.avd"

  4. Save and close. Start your application again))).

But at the first time I tried this solution and it didn't work. So I uninstalled the android SDK and eclipse and reinstalled all over again. I also removed the environments variables for android_sdk that I had previously set and set a new one called ANDROID_HOME with value C:\android-sdk. Now I'm able to run AVD.

I think this is not a ideal solution because each time I create an AVD, I need to do this process. But for now it solves my problem.

Hope this solution helps someone else.

UPDATE - New Solution

I was having some problems with the previous solution so I used a diferent approach:

I created a new account (Administrator) in my Windows which the username havn't accents. I put my Eclipse folder inside C:\ to have access from the new account. Now, when I want to work with Android, I change to this new account.

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