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what is the difference between const int*, const int * const, int const *
constant pointer

Is there any difference between these two statements?

void * const sam;


void const *sam;
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Yes, there is a difference. –  Sean Bright Aug 21 '12 at 11:20
Is it just me, or are the people using void *sam syntax more prone to ask this question than the ones who use void* sam? –  Lundin Aug 21 '12 at 11:38

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void * const sam;

the pointer is read-only. The qualifier is after the *.

void const *sam;

the pointee is read-only. The qualifier is before the *.

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const int * Constant

declares that Constant is a variable pointer to a constant integer and

int const * Constant

is an alternative syntax which does the same, whereas

int * const Constant

declares that Constant3 is constant pointer to a variable integer and



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After changing void to int

int * const sam;
sam = NULL; /* invalid */
*sam = 42; /* valid */


int const *sam;
sam = NULL; /* valid */
*sam = 42; /* invalid */
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