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I have a website which has an SSL certificate installed. If I navigate to the site via https://www.[MY-SITE].com then it flashes up in Chrome for a second with a green https:// indication. Then it greys out and shows the message that the site is loading up insecure content.

Some of the links on the site are still the old http:// versions but it isn't actually loading anything from the files it is linking to. One thing I thought of was that I don't have access to change the Google Analytics code to the https:// so it is still on the http:// in the admin settings on Google. Would this be the issue?



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It may occur mistakes I think. I just search out some post from web regarding your queries. please read this link :



I hope it will be helpful for you.

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Some really useful info, I will check out and have a test but I think it is what I needed! Thanks a lot fella! –  JackWillDavis Aug 22 '12 at 11:57

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