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I have built an application based on play framework 2.0.3. I have placed some jars in lib folder (unmanaged dependencies) which are used in my application like suggested in How to put a jar in a play2 project and use it?

All is fine when I run it from my local machine with play run

But when this application is deployed to Heroku, these jars are not picked up. I get compilation errors where these jars are used.

I even tried adding dependencies.yml with below content

    - play 2.0.3
    - provided -> myjar 1.0

  - provided:
      type:       local
      artifact:   "${application.path}/lib/[module]-[revision].jar"
        - provided -> *

But still it didn't work.

My Start script (Procfile) is :

web: target/start -Dhttp.port=${PORT} ${JAVA_OPTS} -DapplyEvolutions.default=true -Ddb.default.driver=org.postgresql.Driver -Ddb.default.url=${DATABASE_URL}

Can somebody throw some light on this problem ?

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The dependencies.yml file is not used with Play 2.x versions. Anf did you add your jars in the lib/ folder to git ? –  nico_ekito Aug 21 '12 at 12:36
Yeah. It was my mistake. I had lib folder added into .gitignore file. It prevented the jars from being pushed to heroku. Got it working now. Thanks for your help. –  Siv Ragav Aug 22 '12 at 5:22

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Since heroku uses git, make sure that you lib folder and all contained jars are properly managed by git, ie that they are not in your .gitignore file.

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