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I am developing an app for android. I am using the long lived access token. I use the following code to send app requests to facebook:

//code showing relevant sections.

private WeakReference<FragmentActivity> mActivity;
mActivity = new WeakReference<FragmentActivity>(activity);
private Facebook mFacebook; //mFacebook is Facebook object and contains session info
mActivity.get() //Gets the current context
Bundle params = new Bundle();
params.putString("message","App request message");

mFacebook.dialog(mActivity.get(), "apprequests", params, new AppRequestsListener());

Now, this request is failing with API error 10, if facebook app is installed on the phone. If I remove the facebook app from phone, this request starts working.

Is it a known issue with facebook based apps on android?

Regards Ajay

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Can you post more information such as what you are trying to do, what DialogKeys is, what mActivity.get() is, and also any stack trace or logcat relevant to this issue? – Jesse Chen Aug 21 '12 at 20:23
I hace added relevant sections to explain the call better. – Thoughtful Monkey Aug 22 '12 at 3:56

For Login call, we are now forcing the Web Dialog (ignore installed app). once we do this, even for app requests, we get web dialog (and not native app dialog)

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