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I'm trying to create a newsstand application, but while trying to download the selected pdf the asset download returns nil. What is the problem?

      NKLibrary *nkLib = [NKLibrary sharedLibrary];
      NKIssue *nkIssue = [nkLib issueWithName:[publisher nameOfIssueAtIndex:index]];                 

     if (nkIssue == nil)
    nkIssue = [nkLib addIssueWithName:[publisher nameOfIssueAtIndex:index] date:[NSDate date]];  

if ([nkIssue status] != NKIssueContentStatusNone)
NSURL *downloadURL = [publisher contentURLForIssueWithName:nkIssue.name];
if(!downloadURL) return;
NSURLRequest *req = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:downloadURL];
//req shows the correct url request

NKAssetDownload *assetDownload = [nkIssue addAssetWithRequest:req];
//assetDownload is nil

 [assetDownload setUserInfo:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
                            [NSNumber numberWithInt:index],@"Index",
[assetDownload downloadWithDelegate:self];
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I this it return nil because [NKLibrary sharedLibrary]; does too.

Maybe you should try to add your app to Newsstand by adding the UINewsstandApp to your Info.plist and then set it to YES.

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