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I'm using NSIS to create an installer which will install files from a web server. I'm using the NSISdl plugin to download the files but they are not downloading, it just says Download Failed: failed to open file.

This is the section which is doing the download, could I be missed something here.

 Section "Aquiva"
    ; Set    output path to the installation directory.
    SetOutPath $INSTDIR

    ;Include files from this location, and copy that to the current
    ;out path

Pop $R0 ;Get the return value
  StrCmp $R0 "success" +3
    MessageBox MB_OK "Download failed: $R0"

SectionEnd ; end the section
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You should use inetc for this purpose:

inetc::get "" "$EXEDIR\Aquiva.exe"
pop $R0
DetailPrint "Result: $R0"

You can get it here

If you insist on using NSISdl, your problem is probably due to not specifying the destination file, try this:

NSISdl::download "$INSTDIR\Aquiva.exe"
pop $R0
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I'm still getting an error Download Failed: http/1.0 404 not found but the file is there? It shows 2 progress bars one for downloading and one for connecting. Only the downloading bar shows progress, what could be the problem? – Victor Aug 22 '12 at 13:14
@VictorMarisa when I paste in my browser address bar I get Error 404: Not Found so I guess everything is working as expected... – zenpoy Aug 22 '12 at 17:52

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