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Is there any Ant tool to Analyze Ant build activities during run time? Due to lack of time i don;t want to go through each line of code in the ant script to understand what it is doing. It would be great if i can get any suggestions for anysuch tools.

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Be more specific in what you mean by a build analyser. What sort of output are you looking for? Your questions sounds like you don't want to read the build file. –  Mark O'Connor Aug 21 '12 at 18:55

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Check out the ANT documentation on ANT loggers and listeners.

To print everything that ANT is doing I'd suggest using the very powerful log4j listener.


The log4j listener needs some setup. Example can be run as follows:

ant bootstrap
ant -listener org.apache.tools.ant.listener.Log4jListener -lib .

It generates a log file with detailing each step within the build:

[     0]  Project : Build started.
[    94]   Target : Target "run1" started.
[   319]     Echo : Run1: Hello world
[   320]   Target : Target "run1" finished.
[   320]   Target : Target "run2" started.
[   321]     Echo : Run2: Hello world
[   321]   Target : Target "run2" finished.
[   321]   Target : Target "run" started.
[   321]   Target : Target "run" finished.
[   328]  Project : Build finished.


<project name="ANT listener" default="run">

  <target name="bootstrap">
    <get src="http://search.maven.org/remotecontent?filepath=log4j/log4j/1.2.17/log4j-1.2.17.jar" dest="log4j.jar"/>

    <echo file="log4j.properties">
log4j.rootLogger=ERROR, LogFile

log4j.appender.LogFile.layout.ConversionPattern=[%6r] %8c{1} : %m%n

  <target name="run" depends="run1,run2">

  <target name="run1">
    <echo message="Run1: Hello world"/>

  <target name="run2">
    <echo message="Run2: Hello world"/>

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Mark Thankyou very much for the info. What i am looking for is, a tool which can heighlight all the activity what a ant build script is doing during the build. No matter if it shows the results in a plain text or somekind of map.I will try the above steps that you mentioned. –  user1614327 Aug 21 '12 at 19:47

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