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Anyone having any idea about testing the Bluetooth profiles available in the Linux systems. Is there any test suite or programs available in Linux?

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You could test AGAINST the official Bluetooth organisation 'Profile Tuning Suite' or PTS tool. https://www.bluetooth.org/Building/Product/TestProduct.htm

Which, I believe, Bluez has been tested against at various stages and for various profiles.

However, it ain't free.

I can see from the Bluetooth.org website (company registration and login required) that the Bluez stack has been recently qualified (listed 12-June-2012) as a component by Qualcomm against the Bluetooth spec 4.0 + HS.

This was with Kernal 3.0, Bluez 4.93.

Specifically tested profiles and protocols in the qualification:

  • Service Discovery Protocol

  • Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol

  • Generic Access Profile

  • RFCOMM with TS 07.10

  • Serial Port Profile

  • Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol (AVCTP 1.3) Target

  • Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol

  • Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile - Acceptor, GAVDP 1.2,

  • Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol - Acceptor, AVDTP 1.2, Initiator, Source

  • Host Controller Interface

  • Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol - Supports Sink Role, Supports Source Role, Supports Standard Op Codes

  • AMP Manager Protocol

  • 4.0 Host Controller Interface

  • Generic Attribute Profile - Attribute Protocol Supported over LE, Client, Server

  • Attribute Protocol - Client, Server, over BR/EDR (L2CAP fixed channel support), over LE

  • Security Manager Protocol

Was there a particular profile or protocol you are interested in that is not already on that list?

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