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I'm beginning to mock-up a WordPress theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework. Could someone validate the code I have so far is kosher?

More specifically, the header... I have my name and sub-head beside an avatar image. I want the text to appear vertically in the middle of the image. This works successfully when the page is wide enough (screengrab: imgur.com/YCpSm). But, when I reduce the browser width and responsive design kicks in, the text moves up (screengrab: imgur.com/K4Vyj).

How do I ensure the text stays in the vertical center of the image?



Code: http://jsfiddle.net/robertandrews/jP4nT/ (contains standard bootstrap.css, standard bootstrap-responsive.css and custom CSS in one)

Page: http://jsfiddle.net/robertandrews/jP4nT/embedded/result/

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You could go with floating elements instead of absolute positioning: http://jsfiddle.net/jP4nT/1/

I also wouldn't place the <h1> tag within the <p>, but that's probably fine though.

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In your code, the adjacent text flows under the pic when the browser window is contracted. It should stay on the right. –  Robert Andrews Aug 21 '12 at 14:48
You're right. How about this one: jsfiddle.net/jP4nT/2 You can add more media-queries, if you need your design to work on even smaller screens. Hope that helps! –  ditscheri Aug 21 '12 at 15:06

This might be simpler: http://jsfiddle.net/6FMDR/

  • No extra html tags needed

  • Less css


.myheader {
  padding:15px 0 20px;

.myheader img {
   float: left;
   padding:0 15px 10px 0;    

.myheader h1 {
   margin-top: 10px;
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Did you find this answer useful? –  xapu Aug 23 '12 at 16:23

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