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First of all thanks for the help! I am working on a application that we are planning to store some data in iCloud space. We have added iCloud code to app but unable to figure out few things as mentioned below:

  1. Is it necessary to have iCloud enabled in user device (user might choose not to use iCloud via Settings -> iCloud) to save my app data to iCloud?
  2. As far as i know data on iCloud is being saved on the basis of apple id of user; so if user changes his apple id via Settings -> Store then where my app data will be stored (app is downloaded via different apple id) ?
  3. How to test iCloud on development environment. When i install the app (via testflight using adHoc mpp) on various devices it does not synchronize the data)?

Thanks again! MP

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I got answer to my own question. Please refer below apple link:

Refer link1 and last section of link2 from apple official website.

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