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Ok, first, I want to mention that I know .on() exist with jquery and .bind() should not be used in the futur considering that I have a version of jquery greater or equal than 1.7.

What I want to know is: is there any differences between attaching event handler with .bind() to a couple of elements with an anonymous function vs named function?

Here is an example with anonymous function:

$(".warning").bind("click", function(){

And with a named function:

$(".warning").bind("click", foo);

function foo(){

Imagine that I have 100 div with the class 'warning' in my page. The function .bind() will attach a new function to every handler with an anonymous function but will it be exactly the same with a named function in the very internal of javascript and jquery?

Thank you.

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There won't be any noticeable performance difference.

One main difference is that with a named function you can also selectively unbind functions and not just all functions associated with an event type.

Of course, this can also help you avoid code duplication.

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+1 for unbind mention –  epascarello Aug 21 '12 at 14:11

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