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I have a problem with WSE on Windows 2000 Machines. The method SoapReceivers.Add crashed under Windows 2000. It seemes that the windows 2000 os did not allow to start a listening service on excluse addresses. So I find a out that I can set this in the config file to "false"

But the problem is still be available. Anybody with an idea..??

Greetings Kai..

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WSE is obsolete. All new web service work should be done using WCF, and existing WSE code should be migrated or retired ASAP. – John Saunders Sep 1 '09 at 2:49

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I vaguely remember there were a bunch of different WSE releases (1-3) & service packs. I know that the major releases where not backward compatible and release 2.0 had some internal incompatibilities between service packs. You may have a compatibility problem. Make sure that you've install the version that the app was written against.

If that's not the problem, then look at this discussion thread. It might offer some clues. Good Luck!

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