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I am having some weird behavior with getting resources from the server using spring. i'll do my best to explane.

I am using the spring MVC resources like this:

mvc:resources mapping="resources/**" location="/resources/" />

Everything works well until i try to get a page from a path that is more than one "/" from root.

For example: i have a mapping

public String showHomePage(Map<String, Object> model) {
    return "landingpage";   

Which returns the landing page with all resources i need (.js, images etc.)

But if i do this:

public class ExtraController {
    protected static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ExtraController.class);

    public String showHomePage(Map<String, Object> model,  @PathVariable int id) {
        return "extradashboard";    

I get 404 not found on all resources. So there wont be any confusions, if i change return "extradashboard" to return "landingpage"; the same thing happens. 404 not found. Thanks.

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Well i solved the problem by creating another resource mapping to the new controllers base mapping. like so:

<mvc:resources mapping="extraMapping/{id}/resources/**" location="/resources/" />
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