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Doesn't work:

             var b:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
             b.position = 0;



static AS3_Val processFloat(void* self, AS3_Val args){
unsigned iTestSize;
AS3_Val sOrigFile = AS3_Undefined();

AS3_ArrayValue( args, "AS3ValType, IntType", &sOrigFile, &iTestSize );

float * sFile = (float *)malloc(sizeof(float) * (iTestSize + 1));

int res = AS3_ByteArray_readBytes(sFile, sOrigFile, iTestSize);

fprintf( stderr, "** processFloat() size: %i sFile: %.03f, res:%i\n", iTestSize, sFile, res );

fprintf ouput: ** processFloat size: 4 sFile: 0.000, res:4

What's wrong? How can I pass array of floats to swc from flash?

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Your problem is byte-ordering (more details here). You need to set the ByteArray to Little Endian:

var b:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
b.endian= Endian.LITTLE_ENDIAN;
b.position = 0;


Also, your iTestSize is confused. You pass in bytesAvailable but then you multiply it by sizeof(float) (and add 1??).

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You're right, b.endian = Endian.LITTLE_ENDIAN has solved the problem. float * sFile = (float *)malloc(sizeof(float) * (iTestSize + 1)); replaced with float * sFile = (float *)malloc(sizeof(char) * iTestSize); with no problems too. Thank you! –  user1271741 Aug 22 '12 at 6:43
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