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  1. Using SSL for 5 pages while during registration



    https://www.mysite.com/step3 - Auth component login



After step 3 I am creating a Session of the user using Auth Component ( automatically make the user logged in by Auth component). But after step5 It will redirect to the following page


I am using SSL component unforced method to change HTTPS to HTTP . Every thing working fine but the problem is Once I reached the welcome page from step5(HTTPS) my Auth component session expires. I try to debug it could not find any solution. Please note that without HTTPS all steps and sessions are working fine

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See also: stackoverflow.com/questions/7969719/… – koiyu Nov 8 '12 at 7:16
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Code in AppController class :

function beforeFilter() {

function _setupSecurity() {
$this->Security->blackHoleCallback = '_badRequest';
if(Configure::read('forceSSL')) {
    $this->Security->requireSecure('*');    }


/** * The main SecurityComponent callback. * Handles both missing SSL problems and general bad requests. */

function _badRequest() {
if(Configure::read('forceSSL') && !$this->RequestHandler->isSSL()) {
} else {

/** * Redirect to the same page, but with the https protocol and exit. */

function _forceSSL() {
$this->redirect('https://' . env('SERVER_NAME') . $this->here);


Follow this link: May be you get your solution..


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if you are using Cakephp 2.0 then go to the following folder


Open the CakeSession.php file and search for the following line

if (!isset($sessionConfig['ini']['session.cookie_secure']) && env('HTTPS'))
        $sessionConfig['ini']['session.cookie_secure'] = 1; // Just comment this line and try it will works
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