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StackOverflow forced me to shorten the actual exception text. The full exception is:

HtmlUnit: Attempted to refresh a page using an ImmediateRefreshHandler which could have caused an OutOfMemoryError Please use WaitingRefreshHandler or ThreadedRefreshHandler instead.

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This is a tricky solution to find, so I'm posting it here.

Simply create your own empty RefreshHandler:

    RefreshHandler rh = new RefreshHandler() {
        void handleRefresh( final Page page, final URL url, final int seconds ) {}

Then attach it to your web client:


Note that I did this in Groovy, so you might have to tweak the syntax for Java.

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a big thanks with +1 :) –  Vikas Gupta Jun 1 '13 at 4:23

Unfortunately, problem with redirects presents even in the latest version 2.12. So you can simply disable redirects.

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