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I am looking into porting some code to go through a Service Stack layer instead of direct database access. I have created a service that descends from RestServiceBase. In my override of OnGet, is there a way to know what parameters if any were passed to the rest call? In the example on the Service Stack site, they show comparing a field against the default value, but in my case, 0 is a valid identifier (legacy behavior) so I can't tell from that value whether to search for a single item, or return all items.

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If the default value of a type is a valid identifier, you should make the property nullable.

public Nullable<int> Age { get; set; }

Now in the service you can check if the value is 0 or null. If it's null, the property wasn't passed with the request.

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I had thought of that, but I'd rather not make that change since it isn't valid to have a null identifier. It's a smell to me that I would need to change my DTO just to support querying. I may end up just changing to a request/response service to give me the flexibility to have a different request and response DTO. –  Brian Kohrs Aug 21 '12 at 16:05
You can also check for existence if the parameter was passed in the request, i.e: base.Request.QueryString["Age"] or .FormData[] or GetParam() ext method that looks through everything –  mythz Aug 21 '12 at 18:59

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