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I have a Controller action (the Controller has $this->securityContext set to $this->get('security.context') via JMSDiExtraBundle):

$user = $this->securityContext->getToken()->getUser();
$groupRepo = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository('KekRozsakFrontBundle:Group');

if ($this->securityContext->isGranted('ROLE_ADMIN') === false) {
    $myGroups = $groupRepo->findByLeader($user);
} else {
    $myGroups = $groupRepo->findAll();

When I log in to the dev environment and check the profiler, I can see that I have the ROLE_ADMIN role granted, but I still get the filtered list of Groups.

I have put some debugging code in my Controller, and Symfony's RoleVoter.php. The string representation of the Token in my Controller ($this->securityContext->getToken()) and the one in RoleVoter.php are the same, but when I use $token->getRoles(), I get two different arrays.

My Users and Roles are stored in the database via the User and Role entities. Is this a bug that I found or am I doing something wrong?

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Finally got it. A dim idea hit my mind a minute ago. The problem was caused my own RoleHierarchyInterface implementation. My original idea was to copy Symfony's own, but load it from the ORM instead of security.yml. But because of this, I had to totally rewrite the buildRoleMap() function. The diff is as follows:

 private function buildRoleMap()
     $this->map = array();
     $roles = $this->roleRepo->findAll();
     foreach ($roles as $mainRole) {
         $main = $mainRole->getRole();
 -       $this->map[$main] = array();
 +       $this->map[$main] = array($main);
         foreach ($mainRole->getInheritedRoles() as $childRole) {
             $this->map[$main][] = $childRole->getRole();
             // TODO: This is one-level only. Get as deep as possible.
             foreach ($childRole->getInheritedRoles() as $grandchildRole) {
                 $this->map[$main][] = $grandchildRole->getRole();
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+1 for providing the code that fixed your issue :) – Khez Feb 1 '13 at 9:18

This case - roles are set and are displayed in Symfony's profiler but isGranted returns false - can be happened when the role names does not start with prefix ROLE_.

Bad role name: USER_TYPE_ADMIN

Correct role name: ROLE_USER_TYPE_ADMIN

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