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I have been trying to find a way of MovieClip(1) (set to blue - 50% alpha) being moved over MovieClip(2) (set to red - 50% alpha) and afterward MovieClip(1) taking on the colour value that is equal to the mix of the initial colours of MovieClip(1) and MovieClip(2) (maintaining 50% alpha levels).

I am stuck - brain freeze and I can't seem to find a solution that gets me anywhere close!

Anyone have any ideas for a solution?

Providing me some headway would be much appreciated!

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Did you tried so far? where is code? –  bitmapdata.com Aug 21 '12 at 15:11

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Check out this snippet


You can tweak that a bit to fit your needs, like setting both the .1 and .9 in the rgb3 section to .5

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What you want is yourMC.transform.colorTransform

Here is some headway that will explain it.

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Both MovieClip objects must have a color defined by their colorTransform property.

var ctf :ColorTransform = mc1.transform.colorTransform;
    ctf.color = color;            
mc1.transform.colorTransform = ctf;

Then combine the two ColorTransform objects into a new one, by adding to each property of the ColorTransform object of the first MovieClip the difference with the same property of the second MovieClip, divided by 2.

var ctf1 :ColorTransform = mc1.transform.colorTransform,
    ctf2 :ColorTransform = mc2.transform.colorTransform;        

var props :Array = ["redOffset", "redMultiplier", "greenOffset", "greenMultiplier", "blueOffset", "blueMultiplier"];
for each(var p :String in props)
    ctf1[p] += (ctf2[p] - ctf1[p]) * a;

mc1.transform.colorTransform = ctf1;

Here is a code snippet that will explain by itself: http://wonderfl.net/c/fQ1i

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