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I have a makefile in a directory of mine which builds scripts with certain environment variables set. What if I want to create another makefile in the same directory with different environment variables set? How should I name the two make files? Does makefile.1 and makefile.2 work? How do I call them?

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You can give sensible names to the files like makefile.win and makefile.nix and use them:

make -f makefile.win
make -f makefile.nix

or have a Makefile that contains:

  make -f makefile.win

  make -f makefile.nix

and use make win or make nix

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Actually you can have two set of environment variables in the same make file. for example

CCFLAGS2 = -Wall

a: main.c
        ${COMPILER} ${CCFLAGS1} main.c
b: test.c
        ${COMPILER} ${CCFLAGS2} test.c

then you can just say make a or make b. Depending on what you want.

Also it is possible with -f flag to call which makefile you want to call.

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You can name makefile whatever you want. I usually name it like somename.mk. To use it later you need to tell make what makefile you want. Use -f option for this:

make -f somename.mk
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You can do something like this rather than using multiple makefiles for the same purpose. You can pass the environment or set a flag to the same makefile. For eg:

    ifeq ($(ENV),ENV1)

    default : test

    .PHONY : test
            @echo $(ENV_VAR)

Then you can simply run the make command with arguments

    make ENV=ENV1

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