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I fired up VS 2012 and created a new website with the oAuth templates and created an application with Facebook to test it out. I modified the AuthConfig.cs to contain the app id and app secret, but my login test is returning a 400 response, presumably from Facebook's server.

Here is my app configuration on Facebook: enter image description here

Here is the line upon which the 400 response occurs:

var authResult = OpenAuth.VerifyAuthentication(redirectUrl);

Like I said, I've modified the two lines in AuthConfig.cs, but nothing else.


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HTTP 400 is Bad Request, was there any additional info in an Inner Exception? Have you traced it in fiddler or used System.Diagnostics to dump the request/response to a log file? Check this site for a step by step guide to double check that everything thats needed to be configured has been done - note the localhost:portnumber bullet points if you're running locally…. – bUKaneer Aug 21 '12 at 16:26
Inner exception is null, and the 400 request doesn't show up in the Fiddler stack...I suspect this is because it's happening inside the IIS Express process... – Chris B. Behrens Aug 21 '12 at 16:32
However...I was able to check the Response property of the WebException, and it indicates "Error validating client secret" in one of the headers, so I've got a little more to go on now. – Chris B. Behrens Aug 21 '12 at 16:33

Urg...I had a leading space in the app secret. This can happen when you copy and paste directly from the page. Anyhow, I removed the space, and away it went.

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