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I'm a beginner in MS ACCESS. I need to join two tables: table_A and table_B. Since I want to use Replace function, but it doesn't work. My stupid code is:

UPDATE table_A
ON table_A.age = Replace(table_B.age, "years-old","")

What's wrong with this?

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Define doesn't work. Do you get an error, or is REPLACE not working as expected? – LittleBobbyTables Aug 21 '12 at 15:18

You must fully define the data source(s) before the SET clause. So move the ON condition up one line:

UPDATE table_A
ON table_A.age = Replace(table_B.age, "years-old","")

However that ON expression could be tricky. The Access query designer doesn't cooperate well with ON expressions which include functions. But the query could work if both table_A.age and table_B.age are text data type.

I suggest you first work this out as a SELECT query. Once you have the join set up and working, you can transform it from a SELECT to an UPDATE.

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