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I am trying to implement a test (1) for this module (2).
My purpose is to check if the collection is fetched when a particular event is triggered.
As you can see from my comment in (2) I get the message Expected spy restartPolling to have been called.
The module works but the test fails. any ideas?


This question is related to this one Expected a spy, but got Function


// jasmine test module

describe('When onGivePoints is fired', function () {
    beforeEach(function () {
        spyOn(UsersBoardCollection.prototype, 'restartPolling').andCallThrough();
    it('the board collection should be fetched', function () {
        // Expected spy restartPolling to have been called.


// model view module
return Marionette.CompositeView.extend({
    initialize: function () {
        this.collection = new UserBoardCollection();
        app.vent.on('onGivePoints', this.collection.restartPolling);
    // other code


// polling module

var poller = {
    restartPolling: function () {
    // other code


var UsersBoardCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    // some code

_.extend(UsersBoardCollection.prototype, poller);

return UsersBoardCollection;
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I'm using Marionette and I test the it a bit different. My idea is not to test, that when the event is fired on a real app that the function is called, cause this will be tested by Marionette developers.

I test that the event was binded to app.vent. Therefor I've create a spy on app.vent.on and fire the the function afterwards by myself:

spyOn(app.vent, 'on');

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