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Let me explain the problem with a example:

I was working in my old project repo OlDRepo/libs/graphics

I made a number of changes in graphics and made many commits.

Now, I started working with a new project with a new version of graphics


I want to bring all the changes made to old graphics dir to new project (Please notice Dir1 in the path)

I can do simple git diff and diff but I want to maintain the individual commits.

How can I accomplish this?

EDIT: I doubt my questions doesn't make sense to anybody(except me!). Let me try again with the real problem.

I started a iphone project with cocos2d-iphone version 1.1. Its from xcode template, it creates a brand new project with new repo with initial commit containing cocos2d-iphone version 1.1(Note: its just source)

I continue to develop my project... commit, commit... [Added new files] At some point, I didn't like something in the cocos2d-iphone version 1.1. I directly changed source code (May be I shouldn't). And proudly commit..[Improved Cocos2d-ccnode]. Again commit.. [Improved Cocos2d-ccsprite]

And finally released the app.

Now, I want to work on a new project, I checked, cocos2d-iphone version 2.0 is available. I installed new project template (with cocos2d-iphone version 2.0).

Created new project from template;once again its a brand new project with a new repo with initial commit containing cocos2d-iphone version 2.0

Note that cocos2d-iphone version 2.0 is not a entire rewrite of 1.1 but contains small changes.

Now I remember my improvement(!) of cocos2d-iphone version 1.1. I want to apply those changes to new project. Definitely not in a single commit.

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I would suggest:

  cocos1.1        cocos2.0 (you work on this right now)

that's what you have, right? So what you want is pick the exact changes you made on cocos1.1 and apply it to cocos2.0? my suggestion is to git cherry-pickyour changes.

You can rebase as well, but I am not sure it will work, since cocos2.0 seems not to be directly linked to cocos1.1 (you can try this way as well though)

By the way, I suppose cocos1.1 and 2.0 are not the same local repo. so you should add cocos1.1 as a remote first : in cocos2.0, run git remote add cocos1.1 path/to/cocos1.1. Then git branch --track cocos1.1changes cocos1.1/desiredbranch.

So you figure your list of commits, say c1 to c20 (you will need to use their SHA-1 hash). They are on cocos1.1changesbranch.

what you will do is git checkout cocos2.0 to work on the right branch, and then apply your commits. You can start by doing simply git cherry-pick c1 (c1 being the SHA-1 hash)

I think there are tricks like git cherry-pick c1~c20or something like that, but anyway get some info about cherry-picking, I think that's what you need.

Good luck

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I am creating old repo with a publicly available copy of graphics lib. – user602592 Aug 22 '12 at 9:11
Let me clarify once again: I created the old project with a publicly available copy of graphics lib. When I completed old project; new graphics lib is available and I should create the new project with the new graphics lib; but I made lot private changes (improvement!) to old graphics lib and I want to bring back those changes. – user602592 Aug 22 '12 at 9:17
so you want to rebase? your changes and the new graphics are both "children" commits of the old repo? In this case what you should do is something like git rebase or simply a merge (you can keep the history of your changes by merging into your local copy). If that's it I'll edit the answer – Vince Aug 22 '12 at 9:56
New graphics not a children (In git perspective), however its built on old graphics, so many files are same as old one with few modification. (Actually: the graphics library is nothing but cocos2d-iphone.) When I want create a new project I am creating it from xcode template so git relationship between old and new library break. – user602592 Aug 23 '12 at 3:12
then the answer should work. I'm editing it to make it clear – Vince Aug 23 '12 at 6:57

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