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I am using infragistics webcombo with the typeahead suggest.

The problem is that I am able to reach the WebCombo1_InitializeDataSource using the xmlReq, but the data is not visible in the webcombo.

Below is the piece of code I am using:

<igcmbo:WebCombo ID="WebCombo1" runat="server" EnableXmlHTTP="True" Editable="True"
                            <ClientSideEvents EditKeyUp="WebCombo1_EditKeyUp">

Javascript function :

function WebCombo1_EditKeyUp(webComboId,newValue,keyCode) 
       var oWebCombo1=igcmbo_getComboById(webComboId)

        xmlReq = null;
        if(window.XMLHttpRequest) xmlReq = new XMLHttpRequest();
            else if(window.ActiveXObject) xmlReq = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");                          

        var search=newValue&&newValue.length&&newValue.length>0?newValue:"";                       "GET","ActivityManagement.aspx?searchString="+search,true);    

Code behind :

void WebCombo1_InitializeDataSource(object sender, Infragistics.WebUI.WebCombo.WebComboEventArgs e)
    string str = "";
    if (this.Request.QueryString["searchString"] != null)
        str = this.Request.QueryString["searchString"].ToUpper();
    else str = "00";
    DataTable dtProducts = OperationsDataAccess.GetProductList(str);
    string rowFilter = "DeleteFlag = 0";
    dtProducts.DefaultView.RowFilter = rowFilter;
    WebCombo1.DataSource = dtProducts.DefaultView;
    WebCombo1.DataTextField = "Name";
    WebCombo1.DataValueField = "Id";
    WebCombo1.DropDownLayout.RowSelectors = RowSelectors.No;        
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You can achieve this by simply setting the following properties of the webcombo:


And bind the web combo with the datasource in the InitializeDataSource event of the webcombo and also bind the webcombo in the page_load when the page.ispostback is true .

Implement the search logic in your stored procedure, e.g. select * from employee where emp_name like 'a%'.

This will retrieve the records as and when you keey in the data.

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