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I am running my django app on heroku. I want to use their websolr plugin to add spatial search to the app via django haystack.

Spatial serach in django haystack depends on the GEOS C library that is not deployed on heroku by default.

So in order to use spatial search I followed https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/buildpack-binaries to create a binary package of GEOS.

To deploy the binaries I forked the heroku buildback for python https://github.com/dtornow/heroku-buildpack-python.git and modified bin/compile to include:


mkdir -p /app/.heroku/vendor/geos
curl $AWESOME_VM_BINARY -o - | tar -xz -C /app/.heroku/vendor/geos -f -

I added the custom build pack to my application, redeployed but still I cannot access the library. When I run ls the geos folder does not show up

heroku run ls /app/.heroku/vendor

Any idea what I am missing? Thanks for your help!

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You should be able to use the GeoDjango buildpack that was already created here

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