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I have a form where i pass a field named :type and i want to check if it's value is inside an array of allowed types so that no one is allowed to post not-allowed types.

the array looks like

@allowed_types = [

i have tried using validates_exclusion_of or validates_inclusion_of but it doesn't seem to work

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first, change the attribute from type to something else, type is a reserved attrubute name use for Single Table Inheritance and such.

class Thing < ActiveRecord::Base
   validates :mytype, :inclusion=> { :in => @allowed_types }
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ActiveModel::Validations provides a helper method for this. An example call would be:

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
    validates_inclusion_of :gender, :in => %w( m f )

or in your case:

validates_inclusion_of :type, in: @allowed_types

ActiveRecord::Base is already a ActiveModel::Validations, so there is no need to include anything.


Also, @RadBrad is correct that you should not use type as a column name as it is reserved for STI.

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