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i'd like to use mongodb on django 1.4..
there is no nonrel for it yet..
the guilde is still for 1.3
is there any other way?!?!
other tutorial or something?!

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Django nonrel is a fork. So, you wouldn't be using Django 1.3 or 1.4 exactly. Mongoengine and Pymongo are pretty easy to get started with but you won't be using django.contrib apps like auth and admin on mongodb. I think the best way would be to use Postgres if you need the contrib apps and want to use the django ORM. Then, you can use MongoDB for different things in addition. I made a little throw-away experiment a couple of years ago that I haven't checked back on. The idea was to use Django's ORM as normal but be able to add Documents to instances and Collections to classes. You can use it as a sort of tutorial.

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Django in any branch does not have explicit support for no-rel databases.

However, integrating mongo for some things is fairly simple:


There is also the non-rel fork, which is mostly DIW in terms of active development.

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