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One of a table's column is of BLOB datatype (Oracle 10g). We have a simple select query executed via iBatis to select the BLOB column and display it using Struts2 & JSP.

The result tag in the iBatis xml file had the jdbctype as java.sql.Blob

<result property="uploadContent" column="uploadcontent" jdbctype="Blob"/>   

Should we be mentioning any typeHandler class for Blob column ? Currently we are getting an error stating column type mismatch.

Note: This column is selected and mapped into a java bean who has an attribute of type java.sql.Blob

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I think you cannot use native jdbctype for LOB types in Oracle with iBatis. The solution is to create custom typeHandler to handle LOB and then map it like -

<result property="aClassStringProperty" column="aClobColumn" typeHandler="com.path.to.my.ClobTypeHandler"/>

More information on typeHandlerCallback here.

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It is not neccesary to create a typeHandler. For Oracle, the jdbctype is BLOB

<result property="bytes" column="COLUMNBLOB"  jdbcType="BLOB" />

Assumming "bytes" as byte [].

The important thing: in the select sql, you must set the jdbcType in this way:


I noticed that this jdbctype for Postgresql is different. You must set:

<result property="bytes" column="COLUMNBLOB"  jdbcType="BINARY" />
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I found somebody who deal with this here.

For a CLOB :

<result property="uploadContent" column="obfile" jdbctype="String" />

For a BLOB :

<result property="uploadContent" column="obfile" jdbctype="byte[]" />

I am still looking for it to work with C# !

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