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We have dozens of large server-side applications scattered around the enterprise - all with different ways of logging information and reporting errors.

I am trying to build a dashboard (over time) that shows the health of all the apps at a glance as well as providing a look at any problems the apps might be having. Obviously, it would be nice to standardize on a single way to log info.

Obviously, I could roll my own, but I was wondering whether a standard already exists that addresses these challenges. Perhaps, something that allows a client application to connect/query server-side apps (or read their log files) without affecting performance too much and fetch state info.

P.S. All apps are mix of C# in .NET 2/3.5/4. Some apps use Log4Net, others roll their own.

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Use the event log to report errors. There are dozens of applications that can monitor it.

Use SNMP to monitor the health of the applications.

Logging is only for diagnostics/debugging imho.

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Event Viewer is fine for error reporting. I am more interested retrieving logging information in a reasonable standardized manner. – AngryHacker Aug 22 '12 at 2:24
AFAIK there is no standard. Just specify your own log format and make sure that all follows it (independent of logging framework) – jgauffin Aug 22 '12 at 5:29

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