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I'm writing a module that uses FTPLib to fetch files. I want to find a way to pass a value(in addition to the block) to the callback. Essentially, my callback is

 def handleDownload(block, fileToWrite):

And I need to call

ftp.retrbinary('RETR somefile', handleDownload)

And have it pass a file handle. Is there a way to do this?

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You can close over the fileToWrite variable with a lambda:

fileToWrite = open("somefile", "wb")
ftp.retrbinary("RETR somefile", lambda block: handleDownload(block, fileToWrite))
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Is there any other way to download the file other than saying 'write'? I want to be able to retain the timestamp given on the FTP site. –  Shyam Sunder Mar 14 '13 at 11:48

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